The app that lets you leave secret tags on the objects and images around you to share with your friends and followers

Objects and images will take on a completely new life when you look at them with Taggar: see secret photos, videos and doodles, revealed only through the app! Add your own personal tag, leaving secret messages in the form of video, pictures and stickers.

Download Taggar to vote on the best tags, see what's trending and check out what creations your friends have hidden for you.


any square image to see what's already been tagged


secret messages using your own videos, photos and stickers


with your friends and followers across your social networks

click the images below to enlarge,
then scan them using Taggar
go to on a large display,
click the images to enlarge them
then scan them using Taggar

More Info

Taggar is the app that lets you reveal, create and share tags on the objects and images around you, to share with your friends and followers.


Look for any square/rectangular object or image around you. Scan it with Taggar — who knows what is behind every object? You can unlock each object's secret tags by scanning it with Taggar!


Use Taggar to leave your own personal stamp on the things around you. You can tag any content you like: leave a video, share your pictures, or choose between in-app stickers and re-tagging your favourite content.

If you leave a popular tag, it could go viral and you could be the thing that everyone sees when they scan that object! This is because every object and image around you will have a leaderboard of all the tags left on that item. Our leaderboard is ranked by number of likes per tag, and everyone will always see the most popular content first. Choose an object that you see lots in everyday life or that means a lot to you, add a tag, and start sharing to promote your tag!


The tags that you create can be viewed instantly by anyone in your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter — as soon as you've hit Save, your friends will see a preview in their social feed and can see what tag you've left!

Re-share your tags; follow celebrities and interesting content creators; check out what's trending, and discover all the secret tags left around you!

Why not try...?

Discover a whole new world of exciting augmented reality content!

Download Taggar and Tag The World!


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